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We are very proud and pleased to offer our dream to you and it is important to us to keep our venue reasonably priced. We offer the most services for far less than any other venue in Northeastern Oklahoma.  We have full kitchen and cooking facilities with double convection oven, gas range, triple commercial sink and dishwasher included in the base price.  A 12' Theater system and house P.A. music appropriate to the event is included with any booking.  DJ and Karaoke services are available at additional charge.  Please call for details.

Located 1 block North of Route 66 (Dewey) and 1/2 block East of Main Street (Hwy 97) in Sapulpa, OK.  

Signs Of The Times is a pickers dream come true.  Enjoy the best quality vintage Neons, Lights, Flat Signs and memorabilia while entertaining your guests with state of the art audio and video presentation capabilities.

Signs Of The Times

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UPDATED  01/05/2020


USAC Wingless Sprint Banquet


N.E.O. District Dinner


Evans- Oxford Wedding & Reception


Henderson Birthday Party


Sally Phillips' Retirement Party


Matt Pinnell Hunt Party


Kiwanis Chili Cookoff